Review of classes

Julian Askham teaching Pilates at Hickling Barn

Review of classes

Thank you, Angela, for your review of my Julian Askham Pilates classes:


“I have been to several Pilates classes elsewhere: large groups, no instruction, no benefit but none of these issues exist in the classes Julian takes.  He teaches clearly with demonstrations, at a pace everyone can keep up with and stages the exercises to cater for the beginner and the more experienced client.  There is a “whole body” approach to each class which is well planned to work all areas of the body in each session.  I enjoy these classes for general toning and to maintain flexibility and feel no pressure as Julian quietly and discreetly corrects position or technique.

I am very happy to recommend Julian to my clients knowing he adapts exercises according to ability and is constantly aware of individual issues. He moves around the group keeping a close eye all the time and is always approachable if anyone needs extra help.


Angela Waite
Chartered Physiotherapist