Pilates and HypnoBirthing


Pilates and HypnoBirthing

Having recently qualified in pre and post-natal Pilates, I’ve been keen to understand more about baby positioning and how Pilates can help mothers-to-be exercise safely and effectively in the lead up to, and after, the birth. Joanna Collins of Norfolk-based HypnoBirthYourBaby.co.uk has recently popped by my studio to tell me more including optimal foetal position and how Pilates can be used to help this. Foetal positioning can positively effect pregnancy, labour and birth. A good foetal position will benefit a mother with greater comfort in the latter stages of pregnancy, the likelihood of on-time and shorter labour, more comfortable birth and, critically, much greater chance of a natural birth without the need for medical intervention.


Pilates and HypnoBirthing complement each other with a focus on mind and body, with specific reference to breathing techniques.


Pilates can help to alleviate back pain commonly experienced during pregnancy and can help posture which can be liable to change during latter stages of pregnancy. Partnered with HypnoBirthing, an expectant mother can hope to achieve a better birth outcome (both for baby and mother) and less likelihood of medical intervention in labour. Plus, mothers can expect improved recovery times post-birth, aided by pelvic floor training, better alignment and increased postural awareness.


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