Julian Askham Pilates features in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

Julian Askham Pilates features in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

In December I sent details about Julian Askham Pilates to a selection of the most relevant local newspapers, and within a few minute of sending it, I was on the phone with the Great Yarmouth Mercury doing a telephone interview about my new life as a Pilates teacher:

Julian Askham Pilates Great Yarmouth Mercury

A Pilates teacher has started to run classes in the area to try and solve resident’s back problems or to help them through rehabilitation of an injury.Julian Askham Pilates was set up earlier this year after Julian Askham had completed his training and exams.

Mr Askham turned to the fitness system after suffering from aches and pains in his back because of his job.

He explained “I became aware of pilates after having issues with my own back. I used to work as a landscape gardener which involved a lot of heavy graft and I didn’t really give my back enough protection.

“My chiropractor suggested pilates to me and after going along to a few sessions I started to have less pain in my back and I began seeing improvements in my own body.”

Last year the 38-year-old realised that he wanted to go in a different direction with his working life and began training to become a teacher of pilates at the Body Control Pilates organisation in London.

Mr Askham finished his training here in Norfolk after moving to Sea Palling with his wife and two children and created his own business, which he believes is catered for people of all ages.

He said: “I would say that pilates is the safest form of exercise when it comes to supporting your back and for rehabilitation. People with back problems shouldn’t be heading straight into cardiovascular workouts, weight training or zumba because that could create new issues for your body.

“Pilates gently increases your core muscles whilst improving your general mobility and your balance which is brilliant for older people whose stability may have fallen over the years as it reduces the risk of a fall.”

Mr Askham is a “true believer in the results of pilates” and believes it can help people in many different ways.

He added: “There is a social side to it as well because you become part of a regular group who are all doing something that they enjoy to try and either solve problems they may have with their body or to simply keep fit.

“If you were at home who may decide not to do it but in the class like this the commitment is there and the dynamic of the group is excellent.

Mr Askham runs classes in Acle, at the village hall on Mondays between 6pm and 7pm, and in Martham, at the community centre between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

For more information about the classes and pilates people can visit the website at corepilatesnorfolk.co.uk